I CON is a performance interrelating the two themes of Death and Illusion to ask the question; What Is Contemporary? I am asking this question in relation to performance, through multiple choreographic processes, the first is learning how to impersonate artists that have died, specifically artists that in death have become iconic.

I CON seeks to further generate movement material through experimenting with methods that contest the position of the ‘author’ of the dance. Experimenting with new ways of transparently performing the transformation of knowledge as it travels from one body to the next, bodies dancing uniqueness and sharedness at the same time. I am interested in the creation movement practices that democratise and flatten hierarchical structures of knowledge.

I CON @ Vitalstatistix November 2016


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 7.33.39 pm

First Phase Creative Development

August 3rd – 15th 2015

I CON Creative development Lucy Guerin Inc. Studio Residency Recipient, http://lucyguerininc.com/studio/residencies/current/#.VECPAXbgyRo

Second Phase Creative Development 

October 20th -November 28th 2015

 I CON Culture Lab Recipient at Arts House Nth Melbourne http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/ARTSHOUSE/PROGRAM/Pages/CultureLAB.aspx


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